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Customer satisfaction at each stage : from the first offer up to the utilization of our materials, we always try hard to find the optimal solution!

Very committed, flexible and communicative Team.

Very short delivery times thanks to a well assorted stock.
Standard dimensions, which are indicated by bold letters on our price list, are always on stock!

Very fast delivery at an attractive price:
Europe 24h, United-States 72h and Asia 72h

Quick and flexible manufacture of special dimensions in the seals production.

Technical consultation and price inquiry given in a short time.


Our commitment towards our customers

Easy and swift supervision of claims.

PU1TEC is working strictly according to the guidelines of ISO 9001. 

Our Commitment towards the environment

 Through latest technological standards, PU1TEC is an environmentally friendly producer

with effective avoidance of waste and up to 90% recycling of semi-finished production rest waste.




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PU1TEC Dichtungen und
Kunststoffe GmbH

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9020 Klagenfurt - Austria

Tel. : +43 (0)463 33 96 96
Fax : +43 (0)463 33 96 96 - 33

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